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We are as old as our mountains, as deep as our seas, as expansive as our universe and beyond. The day that sacred mother earth took her first breath, was the day our gift of eternal healing & learning was born.

Shona Sullivan

About Us

Spirit Dream Weavers is here to enable deep life changing healing for the individual, the community & our beautiful sacred Mother Earth. Hi my name is Shona and I work with source energy healing, plant lore, breath connectivity & gifting essence restructuring. I have trained in many varied healing practices throughout this crazy journey we call life. I have shared Shamanic teachings in many workshops & worked as a Shamanic Practitioner, Breathwork Practitioner & Light work warrior & energy healer. I’ve been truly blessed to have worked & trained with some of the most amazing teachers along the way & I would love to share my experiences, learnings/teachings & the potent healing gifts that are now coming through with those who choose to step forward. As always the healing work constantly evolves moving in alignment with the many shifts of our planets consciousness. Works that were once relevant pass away,  allowing a space for new life & energy to enter.

My Shamanic  teacher training is that of Sandra Ingerman, Shamanic teacher & acclaimed writer of “Walking in Light,” “Medicine for the Earth,” & “Soul Retrieval, mending the fragmented self.”  I’ve also been lucky enough to train with some amazing indigenous Shamans, in Peru & Nepal, & some great Native American teachers too.

Through my own personal work, spiritual development & shadow healing, I find myself in a place of rerouting at this moment & in this time. 2020 for me has brought in a magnificent new energy focus & a new way of working. I am interested to share this work through Spiritual development & connectivity groups/workshops & in 1to1 sessions. It’s the quantum, the place where spirit meets science, the sharing & understanding that we all come from & are in essence source creation energy, we are all the God particle, it’s just the remembrance that’s been lost.

We will be offering Mediation & Spiritual development connectivity groups/workshops. Finding our way through to self healing & realignment, finding true connection to our essence, soul healing.

We will work with Breathwork for rebirthing, reigniting our true destinies & Healing the traumas of our family line.

We will be working with plant lore, our tree guardians, the magical songs of the plants, the true free elements & using the wonderful Medicine for the Earth Work.

We will celebrate shinning & becoming radiant beings, allowing our divine source energy to shine through the layers of protection. Freeing ourselves of our earthly bodies.

Individual 1 to 1 healing sessions

I also offer individual healing sessions in which we work towards allowing a release of all our internal fears and emotional blocks, so creating a more harmonious & healthy way of being in the world. The work that is now being gifted heals on so many levels & each session will be different, incorporating all manner of healing techniques. I am guided to offer sessions where you receive an experience of transcendental oneness & healing to incorporate the return of source connection & the release of all that no longer serves. We will not direct the energy, it will just happen, but we will set an intention for the direction of the energy flow. I laughed at the thought of using the word transcendental, until I read the definition below, then I understood…….

“The transcendental state of Absolute Oneness sets the human mind free.”― Abhijit Naskar

We can also use the power of Breathwork to journey inward—carried by life’s breath—to work on deep routed ancestral patterning and emotional blockages.You can change your whole way of existing in this magical world through these healing sessions & workshops. 

Using all of the above we can work with – addiction, depression, grief, trauma of any kind, compulsive & learnt behavior patterning, deep rooted emotional issues, negative family & ancestral patterning, sacred spirit attachment release, physical issues too, for me it’s so important in these turbulent times to look inward & really truly heal, lose our reactive nature.

Allow yourself the gift of stepping forward in truth and with renewed love in your heart. Open up to limitless possibility.

Please see our upcoming workshops and do contact me if you would like to learn more.

It’s there for everyone, it’s just knowing how to tap in.

Everyone is so welcome,

Blessings, smiles & lightdancing to all you beautiful souls xxxx

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Shona Sullivan is a bright spirit who has so much to offer her students. She is a brilliant shamanic teacher and has a true wealth of experience to draw on and knowledge to share, so that everyone who trains with her receives the great gift of all that shamanism Sandra Ingermanhas to offer us personally and for all of life and that of our beautiful planet.

Sandra Ingerman

Author of 10 books, including "Walking in light" ,