IMBOLC Celebrations

by | 9 Feb, 2016

 Imboc Celebrations on Sunday were truly magical. We came together & journeyed to bring about cleansing & healing for ourselves through working with the powerful force of the elements. We journeyed inward to our inner landscapes to see where the work was needed & then the elements were called in to help with the work of clearance. Once cleansed we called in the beautiful energy of snowdrop. We wished to experience how she felt as she broke through the earth, returning life to our lands once more as the Sacred Wheel turns yet again. We also asked for help from the flowers, what visions did they ask that we put out in our prayers for Mother Earth at this time? Our intention was to knot prayer ties for a prayer tree that had already been chosen. The messages from Snowdrop were incredible. Joy, kindness, bringing simplicity back to our lives, hope, beauty, love, uplifting & many, many more gorgeous suggestions. All these wonderful magical visions were woven into our prayer ribbons,  We had many coloured ribbons to represent the elements, as in the Tibetan pray flags – Wind Horses, Blue for Sky-Space, White for Air & wind, Red for the fire, Green for the Water & Yellow for the Earth. We knotted & worked with visioning our intentions, dreaming the good dream, then all was imbued with the flower essence of Snowdrop. Finally our prayer ties were taken to the tree & with ceremony the wonderful tree spirit acted as the conduit, transporting our visions out to Great Spirit. It was the most windy day of the year, so Wind truly blasted those prayers with love & helped them homeward. PEACE AHO xxxx