Nepal Shaman – new documentary film coming soon.

by | 1 Aug, 2018

Having spent time with Bhola Banstola in Nepal & having experienced his amazing work first hand, I think this new film he's just made is going to be extraordinary. Following the life & work of his father, Moti Banstola a Nepalese Shaman.

Here's what Bhola says about the film………….

NEPAL Shaman

TRAILER OF A DOCUMENTARY: A century Long Journey of a Shaman and an unbroken lineage: Moti Banstola!
You will see in this documentary the many healing rituals of Moti Banstola; divinations, cleansings, de-possessions, empowerments, clearing of entanglements, removal of disease causing spirits and fire ceremonies. It will also show Moti's honoring of the helpful spirits, working with the alignments of planets, as well as, the Vedic ceremony of Mahakala-Mrityunjaya, Rudri Avishekam, and Aarati, 100th birthday celebrations, empowerment, spirit inspirations and more. Please remain tuned!!

Please go to the Nepal Shaman page & watch the trailer, then look out for the film!!