Shamanic Practice and the Shaman

by | 2 Nov, 2015

Shamanism is as old as our mountains, as deep as our seas, as expansive as our universe and beyond. The day that sacred mother earth took her first breath, shamanism was born.

Shamanism has been practised across every continent of our sacred planet for as long as we can remember. It has long been understood by our ancestors that to walk in harmony with our environment, our tribe and our spirit guardians, is the true pathway of divine connection. Living life with a Shamanic practice not only creates healing for our own individual soul’s journey, but also allows us to become the co-creators of healing for all life. What could be more perfect?

To have a Shamanic practice, is to know that we are all part of the one, there is no separateness and all things living are linked eternal. The same life force that runs through our breath, is the same life force that lifts the sunflowers face to the sun every morning. It's the same life force that causes the seeds to burst with life in spring, the ancient trees to reach their branches to the sky, the first eggs to hatch, the first cubs to be born, the sun to set and the moon & stars to light up the night’s sky. Just one single energy, joining us all forever in all things. It’s the Shamans work to enable us to become the most healed and radiant light we can be, so we shine and heal others as we walk our path.

The word “Shaman” comes from the Tungus tribe in Siberia and it means spiritual healer or one who sees in the dark. The Shamans role in a community is that of divination, healer, keeper of the sacred stories and songs. A Shaman will also work with ceremony and ritual to help a community to exist in harmony with the land, the elements, the hidden folk, spirit guardians and their sacred helpers. Everyone visioning together to ensure bountiful hunting, fishing, harvests or beautiful blessings for a new home or venture. A Shaman will also create ceremony to signal a young adolescents coming of age, which is always a celebration of transformation. Or to help a soul journey home when it’s their time to leave this realm at the end of a lifetime. Shamanic practice celebrates death, as it is understood that the soul lives eternal and departure from this lifetime is a passage homeward, a sacred return to Spirit. The Shaman will always ensure the souls return to source be a smooth and beautiful crossing.

The Shaman works in the other realms, he/she is a seer and has the gift (as we all do) of communication with the other worlds, realms, dimensions and those guides, spirit guardians, teachers and hidden folk that reside there. A Shaman will "journey," using the beat of the drum or the vibration of the rattle to move into an altered state of consciousness. This is sometimes called stepping through the veil, in this way he/she will leave ordinary reality and step into non ordinary reality. Once you journey into non ordinary reality, many different realms and dimensions open up to be explored and worked with. It is here in the other worlds that the Shaman meets with their spirit guides, helping spirits, power animals and teachers. It is here where they receive guidance and information for healing of the individual, or the land. It is in this place the Sacred Ceremonies and healing practices are shared.

There are limitless ways in which Shamanism can be used to create healing and wellbeing, some practices are core to the work such as…

  • Soul retrieval
  • Extraction
  • Power retrieval
  • Transfiguration work
  • Compassionate depossession and sacred spirit release.
  • Psychopomp
  • Breathwork
  • Sweatlodge
  • Firewalking